Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Well, this post is short.  The only Q word I came up with was the name Querin.  I have 44 people in my Italian family tree with the surname Querin.  

I've tried to Google information about the name without much real luck in discovering its meaning.  Ancestry says it may be related to the Latin name Quirinus.  Everyone seems to agree that it is Italian in origin.  Is it related to Guerin, the French word for 'guard'?  I don't know.

My second cousin Angelo Querin died in Italy in 1977.  I have no idea if he has any surviving children since he married in 1910 and online Italian records end in that year.  So maybe I still have 'Q' cousins somewhere.  The mysterious 'Q', LOL.

And for those who already read this post, I am retired and keeping track of the correct day of the week is hard enough without keeping track of the correct posting day in a month.


  1. But you did it! You got your "Q"!!!

    1. I was looking for Q yesterday and it said it was posted. I just had scheduled it one week early. Old age, I guess.

  2. Ok, I am playing catch up. Interesting about your one ancestry name because it doesn’t sound like a typical Italian name to sound very horrible actually. I don’t mean to sound rude.


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