Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Researching Records

 Research.  I think I have a Ph.D. in researching by now.  At the very least I have put in the hours required for one.  If you are just starting out on your family tree journey, here are some sites to check out.

I've already mentioned Ellis Island.  Here is the link to the National Archives which has all the records available if your ancestor arrived by ship.

If your ancestor arrived in Quebec, the link to those records is here: Passenger lists for Quebec

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has a wonderful database and it is free to set up an account and search their records.  Their website is  They also have lots of information like this cousin chart.

There are two databases online for Italian records that I am aware of: 1) Friuli in prin allows you to search by name for mainly males born between 1845-1895, in general, in the province of Udine.  2) Ancestors has information for many towns in Napoleonic Italy, 1805-1815.

The Polish Genealogical Society has started translating documents and putting results online.  Their website is here.

I have not used My Heritage, but several of my foreign cousins use it and have asked that I make a GEDCOM file of my tree and post it there.  If and when I ever finish my tree and clear up all the errors which I am sure exist, I may do just that.  But it is hard enough to correct one tree without having to do it on multiple sites, which is why my tree is not on Family Search.

I have my tree on Ancestry.  You can get a free trial or an introductory membership and see if you like it.  That is what I did originally and then left it sit for years.  Only recently have I gotten an international membership since I really do spend a lot of time using the site. allows you to search papers all over the US and Canada, although not all papers participate.

So, happy hunting.  Any questions?


  1. Good sources, Denise. I might re-join Ancestry sometime, when I have the time! I put up a lot of my info during the two-week trial period.

    1. My info sat for about 20 years before I got back to it.

  2. You certainly deserve a Ph.D with all the work you've done so far!

    1. I think I've spent more time on this than I did my MBA.

  3. I will be checking some of these sites out for sure.


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