Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Getting Ahead of the Christmas Curve

I am patting myself on the back.  All of my Christmas cards are in the mail.  My cookie doughs are in the freezer.  My gift shopping is done.  My out-of-town gifts are sent.  And I actually have some decorations up.  Not bad for December 9.

My approach in recent years for Christmas cards has been to put one in the mail upon receipt of one. This year I beat all but one sender with my cards.  There was in article in Sunday's paper about the trend now of just emailing, texting or sending Twitter greetings.  Much too impersonal for me.

Whilst writing my Christmas cards, I suddenly remembered that I used to keep one card from each year as a memento of what I sent.  I still have a framed card from the first year I was married, 1970. It has been displayed in my home year round ever since then.

But the box with all those other cards?  No idea.

As I start decorating I sometimes wonder where things disappear to.  The biggest mystery is what happened to the Christmas stockings I made for my boys and myself.  They have been missing for some time and I can only assume that they must have been in some box that accidentally got tossed out.

I still have to pick up some items tonight to make my hot cocoa mix.  You just can't give away cookies without hot cocoa mix.  (One year I even made my own marshmallows, but I do not think that will happen this year.)

I still have gifts to wrap, but that is a quick afternoon event.  And for now, it is easier to keep them stashed in the guest room in their boxes without worrying about them getting in the way if they are wrapped.

All in all, I seem to be on schedule for Christmas day.  And then I get to think about putting all that 'stuff' away for another year.


  1. I know what you mean, we have just put up all our decorations. My cards were mailed a while back, I have a lot to go overseas. It is a chore to decorate, but I would hate not to do that although I think Matt is becoming more and more grinchy. Of course no cookies here either. I eat them if they come my way so it's just as well if they don't come my way LOL. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. I have to bake and still am decorating. I got most of my shopping done but no cards have been sent and, as you know, I make my own cards so I send them out. I agree with you that e-mail is too impersonal and nothing to keep for the future in scrapbooks. I shall miss the packages we sent to Austria (where my Oma & Opa and My Tante & Uncle moved to) and that we would receive. It was so exciting to receive something from Europe and how I loved their wrapping paper as it was so different from ours. My Aunt is the last, from over there, to pass away so these are now memories I treasure


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