Friday, December 5, 2014

The Cookie Monster Inside of Me

I love home-baked cookies.  I cannot think of one packaged store-bought cookie I have any interest in eating.  But come Christmas time and I indulge my passion for all things crisp, chewy, chocolaty, or whatever, as long as it resembles a cookie and comes out of my oven.

So, for the past week, I have been preparing all of my cookie doughs for freezing.  I have in my freezer ginger molasses, lemon coolers, chocolate chip, dark chocolate walnut, shortbread, cranberry orange, and Russian tea cookies (also known as Mexican wedding cakes).  I still have to make my brown sugar cookies, but since they require rolling out and cutting, I will prepare them this week-end when I have more time.

The great thing about making your doughs ahead of time is that you can bake off just what you need, when you need it.  I plan to give cookies as Christmas gifts each year, so , no, I do not eat all of them myself.  But I admit to making a dent.

And I do not make the same cookies every year.  The ginger-molasses are my favorite, so they get a spot.  One of my sons requested a plain old chocolate chip with no nuts, oatmeal, or whatever I may add.  My daughter-in-law likes shortbread.  This was my first attempt at making them so I am curious to see if they turn out.

Last year I discovered a recipe for iced brown sugar cookies that was really good so I have added that.  But I think I will just cut them into trees and forget the fancy decorating.

Of course, one must have a chocolate cookie and this year I am trying a new recipe for the dark chocolate walnut.  And I can't remember the last time I made the Russian/Mexican/tea/wedding whatever it is called cookie.  Last year I made one called vanilla crescents which was similar, but this year I opted for one made with almond flour.

I try to have a variation on cranberry and this cranberry orange which appeared in my inbox looked enticing.  I also thought they would pair well with my lemon coolers which have never made a holiday appearance before.

All tolled I should end up with more than 20 dozen cookies.  That will make up lots of treat baskets. And also solve my 'what to buy' questions.

So, any favorite cookies out there in blog land?


  1. I don't, and never have, baked cookies. In fact I have a very favourite chocolate chip cookie from my local grocery store. They call it Decadent and it is the best one I have ever tasted. Had a Christmas cookie from one of the members of my exercise class so I am going to give them all miniature hand creams.

    1. I bought some Tate's chocolate chip cookies for a barbecue I had this summer. I must admit they are good, but pricey, and really more like homemade.

  2. These cookies look divine. I have always baked cookies and many people always want the ones I bake so I make often the d=same ones but I make one new one to try it out. I make German cookies-cookie dough with more butter than margarine, -rolled and cut out with a shotglass. I take raspberry jam and sandwich 2 together and roll them in icing sugar. My no fail shortbread and they do melt in one's mouth. My almond crescent cookies that people love. The usual chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies for my hubby and I must make a chocolate cookie. My mom would rarely make chocolate cookies as she said there was too much chocolate. Yup, I told her she was nuts as there is no such thing as too much chocolate

    1. Amen on the chocolate! I do not even know why they put 'use by' dates on it. What a waste. Do folks really have old chocolate lying around???

    2. My mom used to-she was strange:)

  3. I bet your home smells like heaven. And what a treat it will be to receive your homemade cookies as gifts. I am feeling good just looking at the picture. Your little grandson is in for a treat at his first Christmas.


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