Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I can't resist bragging....

I just got a Christmas card from my grandson.  Well, his clever parents helped with it.  At the top it says:  'Santa is coming to our house?'  The picture below is attached and can be popped-out to use as an ornament on the tree.

I am sure he will be intrigued once all the decorations are up.  He is already getting around pretty good on his own and learning to reach and touch anything in sight.  Here he is trying to reach the door handle into the pantry:

He will stand up on his tiptoes, like that would give him just the boost he needs.  Just too cute.


  1. Ok that picture of him by the tree is priceless! I wonder if he heard that another Bush wants to run for office:) Your grandson is a cutie pie

    1. He makes that face when he is done eating and won't let you out another spoon in his mouth. So funny that he would do it during the photo shoot. Guess he had enough of it too.

  2. Cute picture and what a nice card.


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