Wednesday, November 12, 2014

At Long Last, A Thanksgiving Menu

Last year I let my family vote on what they wanted for Thanksgiving.  And then I prepared a menu.

This year, I was going to make Russian foods, until I realized how much work it would be to make a well-balanced meal that included piroshki.

Finally, I have settled on what I will make.  I will combine some old stand-bys with a few new items. I have tried to find foods that I can make in the slow-cooker along with those last minute items or the ones that need an oven.  Fortunately, my new microwave has a convection cooking feature.  I tried it out on dessert bars and pumpkin muffins and it works as well as my large oven, so this will be great for holiday cooking.

I've provided links to some of the foods I will be preparing.  If you're looking for ideas, you can start here.  It is never to early to plan, IMHO.

Pickled Salmon on Toast Points

Polish Sausage with Sauerkraut and Mushrooms

Rolls w Orange Butter

The pickled salmon is new to the family.  I've made it for friends and parties, but never for a family dinner.  I'll post the recipe with a picture after the holiday.

I'll also type up my recipe for the fresh sausage, which is great since it goes in the crock pot.

My hardest decision was picking a vegetable.  I'm saving the traditional Brussels sprouts for Christmas, I think.  And have decided that a salad is not really necessary.  So, a new recipe for squash.  We'll see who likes it.

My recognition of all things Russian lies with the sauerkraut and mushrooms. The apple dessert is new to me, never having made it before, but the timing of the recipe in my email was perfect.

I can't wait to get started.  With my baby-sitting duties, planning is everything.


  1. This sounds like an amazing meal! It is so cool to try food recipes from different countries. I love my mom's red cabbage (she is German) and her yeast cakes which i still have to try to make. I am not into sausage at all nor sauerkraut but the salmon sounds great and so does the turkey and the desserts

    1. My sons would eat pierogies for every holiday if I made them. At least I am not making them from scratch as we did when I was a child.

  2. Let me know what time to arrive Denise. I all sound lovely. Of course our Thanksgiving is over and there were only two of us anyway.

  3. Fabulous menu. We're changing things this year and going with some non-traditional foods. Should be a lot of fun.

    1. I love mixing it up, but couldn't get myself to take turkey off the menu.


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