Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for Oberammergau, Germany

Oberammergau, Germany and Passion Play are pretty much synonymous.  The play is performed every ten years, in years ending with '0'.  Here is the theatre:

It was nice to just wander around and look in shop windows at the beautiful wood carvings.  I especially liked this window display of Noah's Ark (with me in the window).

One of the things I consistently noted in both Switzerland and Germany is that everyone maintains their homes, meticulously.  Many of you have read my complaints about the dump next door to me.   The yard is a disaster.  But in Europe, not only were lawn and gardens gorgeous, the exterior of the homes were painted with incredible scenes.

Here is the story of Little Red Riding Hood:

How about this real estate office?

The countryside was beautiful, even in the morning fog.

All in all, a very pleasant morning on day 19.

On my Bucket List:  Oslo, Norway


  1. Love Oberammergau! It is so pretty with all the houses. I bought my niece a little dirndl there (she was 3 yrs old at the time). I know what you mean by the homes. My mom is German so I was trained-oh boy! What I found funny was that even the barns were kept so neat that many windows were spotless and had curtains in them!

    1. Yes, my great-grandmother lived in Hamtramck, MI. When it was primarily a Polish community, you would see the ladies in their babushkas scrubbing the porches and cleaning the sidewalks. I'm happy if some of my neighbors bother to cut their grass - or weeds.

  2. I love the idea of everyone maintaining their home and making sure that the yard is clean and tidy,maybe even pretty. I just don't understand how people can live with weeds and mess.. because the environment affects how I feel, how creative I can be and mess and clutter just makes me feel burdened.

  3. I love the mural on the side of the house. Wonder if my apartment would let me do that haha.

  4. Always wanted to go to the passion play. Never made it. Nearest I got was a schoolfriend who went. Been to Oslo, many years ago mind you.

  5. My dream is to live and retire in Oberammergau. Cant imagine why the Brits have made such a mess of the UK. Expensive, dirty, crime ridden, no feeling of joy or optimism. Such a dump, then you have Southern Germany. Actually, almost anywhere in mainland Europe, even Russia is experiencing more and more Brits looking to get out. Eventually Brits will be considered like the third world people looking for new homes after destroying their own.


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