Monday, June 17, 2013

Frustration, Aggravation, Exhaustion

For the last week I have had computer issues.  Well, actually longer than that.  It is just that in the last week I have tried to fix them.

Back in May I downloaded the newest version of Internet Explorer.  I am not sure that that is what caused my problems, but the timing is suspicious.

First, I had trouble with page loading.  Then the browser would close for no reason.  Then when I tried to shut down, I could not log off the user.  Force shutdown.  Restart.  Seems to be OK.  Then it happens again.  Leave the machine for an hour and it is still trying to 'log off'. 

Then after using it again for some time I try to open 'task manager' and it won't open.  Nothing. Nada. Zip.  Time to Google some questions.

I restarted the machine after a forced shutdown and decided to run  a McAfee scan.  Oops.  Not happening.  It will not open.  So, now I am at the McAfee website looking for answers.

First I am told to do a 'System Restore'.  Well, that is easy enough, except that it ties up my computer for nearly an hour.  When that is done I have to download Windows updates that were deleted and then restart again.

Now I run a full virus scan, another hour of time, and find that there are no issues detected.  A good thing.

Next, I download a malware detector recommended by McAfee and run a complete scan.  More than an hour of time spent on that.  Again, no issues.

I decide to check the logs for my back-up software and find that the system has not backed-up for more than a month - since the time I downloaded the browser update.  It says my computer is 'offline'.  WHAT?  Now I am off to the FAQ of the back-up site to try to figure out what is going on.

Seems that when I downloaded the update for the browser it somehow made my computer undetectable by the back-up software.  I had to delete my computer and add it back after re-downloading the back-up software.  Geez. 

By the time I spent hours sitting here trying to figure all of this out, I was in no mood to write anything.  No way has computing made my life easier.  I figure I probably spent a full work-day on this problem.  And I am still not sure I have fixed the issue with shutting down the computer or being able to open 'task manager'. 

My computer is automatically set to do a virus scan at nine this morning.  I'll wait to see if it happens and if I can shut down afterwards.  If not, I may just throw this thing against the nearest wall and start writing letters.


  1. Your post reminded me of a haiku I read a long time ago. It went like this:
    Yesterday it was working.
    Today it is not.
    Windows is like that.

    On the flip side, I am filled with admiration for the resourcefulness you have displayed in trying to get to the bottom of this mess and show that silly box who is the boss. I am very hardware-challenged. I doubt if I would have been able to read and make sense of the instruction manual and the Task Manager.

    I sure hope your computer gets working again. I shall miss your posts otherwise.

  2. Love the haiku Cynthia.

    I can imagine the frustration you are going through. We never had these problems when we used pens did we? Hope you get it sorted out.


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