Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More Peonies

This is the first year in the 40+ years I have lived here that all the peonies bloomed.  I am thrilled. 
I have not had much luck with these flowers.  They grow, but never do much.  Only one has produced blooms consistently, and then only for the last ten years. 

Over the years I have planted and then lost them within a few years.  I lost one small plant this winter, but the four I still have are enjoying this year and blooming well.

Here are the other two that have opened.  Hopefully, the rain will pass us by and they will not be beaten into the ground.  This pretty rose color bloomed for the very first time.


The double white is a very young plant, also.

And the single white is putting on a nice show this year.  I put it in four years ago and it seems to have finally taken hold.


  1. I'm jealous. When I lived in NC I tried growing peonies and hydrangeas without success and yet everywhere in the area, people were growing them beautifully. Guess my thumb is not green.

    Yours are lovely, thanks for sharing them.

  2. Well, my peonies pale in comparison to some folks around here. The worst is that these others grow in a weed-filled yard with neglect. I pamper mine and get meager displays. Guess that is why I am so delighted this year.


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