Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year

A happy 2013 to each of you.  If you are reading this, you survived 2012 and surely have made some plans for the new year to come. 

I am starting off the year with a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine.  The bread is rising in the kitchen and the wine is in the short-ribs I prepared last night for today's dinner.  I always find that braised meats seem to taste even better on day two.

I have a cocktail party scheduled in another week to see old friends from my working days.  Well, I still see most of them, but this will be more laid back and festive.

I've also increased my yoga practice to four days a week this month.  The reality is that even with videos at home, yoga is much better practiced with friends.

I am back on the volunteer schedule in the Library bookstore, now that the snow birds have left for the winter.

I've thought about the upcoming Spring and Summer and find that I have no yard projects on my to-do list.  What a treat it will be to just enjoy and maintain what I have.  My plans for indoors consist of replacing the flooring in my family room before it looks much worse.  Actually, the only areas that look bad are coming in from the garage and going out to the patio.  Unfortunately, those are the most- visible and the most-tracked areas.

I have no travel plans for the year other than my annual trek to Oak Park, Illinois for the WrightPlus Housewalk.  Not that I still don't have my list of places to see, but just nothing compelling.  But, if I see a good deal, I'll be running off somewhere.

I vow to ignore all the crap that I have no influence over.  Right!  Well, I am sure you will hear my opinions here after I stop grinding my teeth and find myself able to put thoughts into words on computer.

My biggest goal is to remain healthy.  And active.  With that being said, my biggest problem is remembering to warm-up before I do anything strenuous.  It's just my desire to hurry up and get things done - and then I sit here with an ice bag on a sore muscle.  Well, I am still learning. 

I will finish my recipe project on Pinterest and then start on my travel pictures, which is why I started the account in the first place.

For now, here is a beautiful picture that was sent to me of a road in Michigan.  Luckily, I do not have to drive on anything quite this secluded in the suburbs.

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  1. Oak Park sounds great. I will be in Chicago in the summer and really looking forward to it. I'm with you on staying healthy. I'm going to find a place for yoga and eat much more healthily. Definitely hope to say goodbye to twenty pounds.
    Wishing you good health, happiness and lots of fun in the year ahead.


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