Monday, December 24, 2012

A Quick Merry Christmas

It is snowing outside.  I guess we will have a White Christmas after all. 

While I did not put up a tree this year, I did put my deer in the yard.  This deer is the only kind I want to see out there nibbling.

My tree this year is limited to the one my son sent me, made of holly.  He is enjoying the holiday in Hong Kong.

I have my food all ready even though I was not as prepared as I thought.  First, I discovered that I had no carrots.  Since I only needed one for the shrimp appetizer, I figured I would just omit it.  Then I discovered that I had no shrimp in the freezer.  There I was at two in the afternoon driving to Costco.  What a zoo!

Since I was out, I decided to stop at the grocer's and get a pound of carrots.  Fortunately, I was home before the snow started.

My menu for this year is as follows:

Marcona almonds, Poached Shrimp, Brie en Croute with fig jam, Baked Ham w Chutney, Potato & Fennel Gratin, Green Beans w Bacon and Caramelized onions, 
Chocolate Espresso Dacquoise, Cookies 

Assuming my sister remembers to bring the rolls (unlike Thanksgiving), I made some orange butter.  I hope each of you have a wonderful holiday.

Merry Christmas!

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