Monday, February 21, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday morning at this time I was sitting here at my computer working on a report and when I looked outside I saw nary a snowflake.  On Saturday I walked around the yard picking up broken tree limbs that were lying on the ground.  Good luck seeing any of them now.

The snow came down steadily all afternoon on Sunday.  By seven last night I decided it was time to get rid of some of the snow on the drive.  I found six inches of it.  Thirty minutes later when I came back inside, the drive was already covered with a new layer.  Looking at Doppler radar before retiring for the night, all I saw was white.

My first look outside this morning told me all I needed to know.  Time to get back into the boots and heavy coat and clean the drive again.  I found another five inches of snow, more in front of the garage door where wind coming over the roof deposited an additional two inches.  There was more than a foot of the white stuff at the end of the drive after the snow plows cleared a single path down the street.

I was thinking I needed to get ready for my yoga class when the phone rang telling me it was canceled.  Seemed the instructor made it there, but decided it was too much to ask students to make the attempt.  I actually thought I had a better chance of walking there than driving, since it is less than a mile away.

Doppler radar shows a huge ice storm moving through Indiana and Ohio right now.  They are predicting more snow for us.  My sons tease me about the food in my freezer and pantry and say I could hold up for some time without needed to leave home.  All I can say is 'Welcome to Michigan'.

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