Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's Over

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra Board has made it official.  The 2011 season is over.  I received two emails this morning announcing the decision and got out my remaining tickets for the year.  I went online and filled out a form for each of my tickets. 

When I was done, an old song popped into my head.  It is an old Eydie Gorme rendition of the Irving Berlin song, 'How About Me'.  It appears on an album from 1966.  So long ago that my vinyl copy is in mono, not stereo.  The first line of the song is 'It's over'.  The last line is 'But how about me?'

And that is just what I was thinking. 

Frankly, I have found I have not missed the symphony, as such.  Especially not not the driving downtown.  I've watched classical performances on TV, listened to my CDs and enjoyed Sirius XM classical in the car.  But there is something exciting about being there in person.  I have been fortunate to have seen many, many artists over the years.  And I have missed that experience this year.

I hope that the musicians have made what they think is the best decision for them.  But in this economic environment, I am not so sure.  Maybe they should have spent less time thinking about 'how about me?' and thought more about the big picture.  I hope that each of them fare well in this decision.

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