Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's all in the Advertising

I subscribe to several food and cooking publications, both in printed form and on the internet.  I could never hope to make even a small fraction of the recipes, but I still enjoy reading the articles and getting ideas.

I have a habit of skipping over most of the advertisements when I first read the print versions.  Later, as I re-read the magazines and decide what recipes I want to keep, I usually will peruse the ads.

Yesterday I received one of my magazines in the mail.  For this one I especially like that all the recipe titles are in Italian.  I try to guess what each is supposed to be, for while I can recognize many words, translating to make the recipe title make sense is not always so easy.  Anyway, while flipping through the magazine, I saw an ad for rice.  Specifically, gluten free rice.  What?  Gluten free rice?  Really?  Rice is naturally gluten free, isn't it?

So, how is this any different from any other rice on the market?  Of course, I had someone tell me today that rice has flour in it.  So, I guess if you believe that, then the advertising for gluten free rice is just what you may be looking for.  I guess it is all in the packaging.  Or advertising.  Maybe Michigan should start advertising salt-free lake water.

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