Saturday, May 22, 2010

Over-booked - not just on airlines

Do you ever feel that your life is spinning out of control?  This last week would have been bad enough if I just had to catch up from my trip out of town, but then I booked too much 'stuff' on top of it.

Granted that Monday was a problem since I had to replace a tire and had an unscheduled meeting pop-up in the middle of the day.  I rescheduled a previously scheduled meeting to next Wednesday to make the new meeting, or so I thought.  I was wrong and ended up with a committee meeting in my home on Wednesday  while my lunch meeting guest was sitting alone in a restaurant.  Oh, well.  To complicate Wednesday, my gardener was here to work on the river bed, plus I had an evening meeting to boot.

Thursday is my volunteer day at HFWB.  Then I had to come home to prepare for my committee meeting in Lansing on Friday.  Alas, rushing around meant no formal agenda was sent out by me.  Well, we were brainstorming anyway.  (Someone suggested that the state needs an emergency financial manager.  Seems to be not such a bad idea.)

Friday would not have been so bad if I had set my alarm clock for AM instead of PM.  DUH!  I got there just a few minutes late and, fact is, no one really noticed I was late. 

If a friend had not sent an email late last night saying she was sorry she would miss me at the League of Women Voters luncheon today, I probably would have forgotten to attend.  And to top off my week, one of the committees I volunteer for complained that I am never around when they want me to be.  Well, all I can say is 'tough'.  What part of retirement do they not understand?

So, I am off to a luncheon and a talk by Philip Power from the Center for Michigan.  If you have never visited their site, give it a try.  You may not agree with all their positions, but they do make you think.

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