Monday, May 24, 2010

The Day After - Still LOST

I admit it.  I spent four and one-half hours in front of the TV set watching LOST.  You would think in that amount of time they could have answered ALL the questions.  They did not.  Ergo, I am still Lost.

Some of what was explained was expected.  We had pretty much figured out they these people were dead.  But at what point?  And did that plane crash in the end?  Must have.

But what about the island moving, the polar bear, the Farraday cage phenomenon, etc.?  No mention of it.

Having spent all this time watching it, I now invision myself going back and watching all six seasons over again.  Maybe it will become clearer the second time around.

Several years ago when the movie 'Usual Suspects' came out, one of my sons saw it first.  Then the next might, he and I saw it.  The following night we were back again with another friend, all trying to find the clues that disclosed the ending.  Seemed there were none.  Granted, six hours of my life watching the same movie (which I have probably watched six more times including the Director's Cut) is not quite like six years. 

I already own seasons one and two of LOST.  Guess I'll pony up the money for the other seasons so that when I get snowed in over the winter I can watch LOST.  Snowed in or stuck on an uncharted island.  Take your pick.

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