Friday, May 21, 2010

Lincoln Park, Illinois

Imagine that you and all your neighbors get together and decide to restore a landmark.   Imagine that the cost will exceed two million dollars.   Will you proceed?  You will, if you live in Lincoln Park, Illinois, and the landmark is the 1930's restored Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond.

Partnering with the Chicago Park District, the Friends of Lincoln Park - yes, the same place that has the FREE zoo -  restored this Lily Pool, dating to the 1890's, to incredible beauty.  On a beautiful Friday morning, we toured the Pond and then visited both the Conservatory and the zoo itself, which was packed with young families and school children. 

How wonderful to see the strong sense of community.  The docents in the Pond area were very enthusiastic.  And why not!  See for yourself, though my pictures do not do it justice. 

BTW, I noticed a pair of domestic, not Canadian, geese in the pond along with a Mallard duck family.  When I asked the docent about the Canadian variety, they said that they do not want them anywhere near the area because they are too dirty.  Amen to that.  As far as I am concerned, wildlife, specifically geese and deer, have no more right to roam all over my property and destroy it, than I have to roam all over my neighbor's.   Truth be told, some neighbors do a pretty good job of making their property look a mess all on their own. 

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