Saturday, December 24, 2022

A Very Happy Holiday

Right now I am watching a Hallmark Christmas movie and drinking cranberry lemonade.  I am a little wiped out.

I spent most of the day prepping for tomorrow's dinner.  I seem to take longer to get things done than I did several years ago.  Must be old age.

Anyway, I decided I would wish everyone a happy holiday and post my menu.  I've been lax in that department lately.  So, since my son has recovered from COVID, and the predicted twelve inches of snow turned out to be less than one, everyone will be gathering here tomorrow afternoon for the following:

Poached shrimp

Standing Rack of Pork

Roasted potatoes and carrots


Green beans

Spinach, beets, orange and goat cheese salad

Rolls and marmalade butter

Italian Christmas pudding cake

Bommarito's cannolis

Christmas cookies 


Happy Holidays!!!


  1. Still quite the impressive menu but I feel myself slowing down, also. I didn't know your son had COVID and happy for his recovery and your less-than-expected snow. We really lucked out - it never even got below zero. We were fortunate compared to what happened in Buffalo and I'm grateful. Our son is sick right now so he missed both Christmas Eve (at in laws) and Christmas (our house, just one other family member without him) so we kept things simple. Happy New Year to you! Alana

    1. My son is still tired. Has no appetite. We still had a lovely day but am glad to be sitting here alone right now. Looking forward to the warm temps at the end of the week.

  2. I am sorry for being so remiss in accepting your Happy Holidays wish (It's already the 2nd day of "next year"!). The food sounded wonderful. Rolls and marmalade butter -- I'll dream about those. I'm well south of Michigan, but the diagonal storm is heading in general toward this region.... BTW, I am planning to retire from my federal job in September 2023. I should get some numbers back on what my benefits should add up to. I hope to be able to do some regional travel on day or overnight trips to interesting little places, by train or bus.

  3. Hi Denise - I know I missed this ... but the menu sounds delightful - I'd have loved to have been there ... but good to know your feet were up and you had some time relaxing before the New Year really kicks in. Happy New Year ... cheers Hilary

  4. I somehow missed this too! I'm sure all the effort was worthwhile, it sounds amzing!


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