Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Sunday Garden and a Grandson

Last year I blogged about my garden on every Monday.  This year I plan to blog on Sunday, but not quite as extensively.  I mean, really, how many flowers can one person look at?  Don't ask, LOL.

Spring is coming early and with it the rain.  Yesterday it rained and then the temperature hit 78 F at my home.  That is ridiculous.  But, it did make the flowers pop up.  Now I just have to pray we do not get a frost.

I actually have a lot of clean-up all ready done, but I am far from through with it.  I've decided to remove one of the large spruce trees that I have been trimming every year thanks to needle-cast disease.  After 44 years in the soil here it is going to come out because by the time we trim off all the dead branches we will end up with a tall trunk and branches on one side only.

So, now a few pictures.  Did I say we have had a lot of rain?  I still have puddles in my yard.  Charlie wanted to go outside and play one day and I told him it was raining.  He put on his jacket and I told him that wouldn't work 'cause it was raining too hard.  So...
he went and found my umbrella.  He still didn't get that Nana was not interested in splashing in the puddles, though we did splash when the rain stopped.

And speaking of Charlie, he is learning yoga, all on his own.  I am amazed at how he gets into positions.
Table position with leg lift and twist.
This past week he had a birthday, number 3.  Can you say excited?

Anyway, onto the flowers.  Right now all that is blooming are daffodils and squill, and not much of either.  One clump of daffs has no flowers at all!
Other plants are emerging nicely, but I still don't know how much I have lost.  Several hostas have crowns that are torn up by varmints.  Here is the bleeding heart which just flew out of the ground virtually overnight:
And so did this peony:
When I look out of my front door I can see flowering trees in the neighbor's yards:
Last year I always took a picture of the north garden from the view of the front gate.  This year I am going to do that again, but now with the view from the bridge in the back.  Here is what I am seeing this morning:
If I look at the garden from this area I do not see all the moss that I need to remove from the beds.  And I need to do it soon as the spores are forming already.  work work work.  A four-letter word if there ever was won.

Have a great Sunday.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. And doesn't he know it!

  2. Love the daffodils! Grandson is precious! Mine will be one month on Tuesday.
    Perspectives at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  3. Love little boys. I had 3 of them...they crack me up,

    1. I had three boys and now I have one grandson. I love little boys.

  4. Your little grandson is so very cute especially his yoga pose and happy look. Love the look of life! What is that flowering bush on the left side of the pic? It is stunning!

    1. He is a cutie! I think the tree is a weeping cherry.


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