Monday, July 6, 2015

One Bloomin' Season - After the Fourth

I have so much to show you, I am going to jump right in.  Welcome to my garden...

A is for Astilbe.  I have no idea what variety this one is, but it certainly resembles the Visions series.

B is for Hosta 'Blue Cadet'
and  H. 'Blue Umbrellas'

and Buttered Popcorn Daylily

C is for Chicago Regal Daylily

G is for Golden Prize Daylily

H is for Helopsis (did you think I'd do the entire alphabet?)

I is for H. 'Inniswood'

J is for Jolyene Nichole Daylily

K is for Knock-out roses

M is for Malva

O is for H. 'Old Glory', and fitting for the holiday

R is for Red Rum Daylily

S is for Siloam Amazing Grace

I believe this is Sunset Sonata, which grows and multiplies like crazy.  Anyone?
Is that enough for now?


  1. What a beautiful garden you have! It's hard for this drought-parched Californian to image having enough water to support all that green.

    1. We've had buckets of rain. I live on a branch of the Rouge River so my lot is quite wet with a high water table. I am still pumping out ground water from the house foundation which I use to water a River's Birch (cause the bridge area kept over-flowing). I took out the hose yesterday for the first time to water some transplanted flowers. More rain tomorrow. Too bad they can't ship this rain west.

  2. These flowers are so pretty and each one so unique. I was actually hoping you would do the whole alphabet but you might do another post using other letters:)

    1. I actually was wondering if I have enough varieties to do an A to Z. I'll try to fill in the missing letters in the upcoming weeks.

    2. Looking back over the flowers posted so far I am only missing 6 letters. I'll make sure I cover them, but I must get creative.

  3. Lovely flowers, you really enjoy your garden don't you? Lot of work though. Some of the flowers I have never heard of other than from you, Astilbe for instance. Do you have any peonies? I couldn't grow them.

    1. Yes, I did post some pics of them earlier in the season. I never heard of astilbe until a few years ago. Now I have them all over as they love shade. And I do love my garden.


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