Monday, May 18, 2015

One Bloomin' Season

I am going to try to post pictures of my flowers on Mondays.  That means I will have to remember to photograph them on Sunday.  Or find an old photo in my files.  Here is the first Monday's worth:

Double-file Viburnum.  I have several shrubs in the yard, all propagated from one original plant.

Vinca.  It originally leapt over the side of a potted plant and now grows all over the front.  Nearly the cheapest ground cover ever.

Lily-of-the-Valley.  Truly the cheapest ground cover in my yard because my mother gave it to me 40+ years ago.  And it smells so sweet!

Lamium.  It spreads.  A bit too much.  Lovely up until the rabbits discover it.

 Columbine.  A self-seeder, though last year I nipped all of them before they had a chance to go to seed.  More colors will bloom this week.

One poor little pansy left over from last year.  Something has been chewing on it but it keeps trying to grow.

Forget-me-knots.  More flowers from Mom.  I love them, but by now you have probably guessed that I love ground covers that do not cost me money.  OTOH, I hate violets which I never planted and pop up all over the yard.  NO pictures for them!  I'll be spending a good amount of time this year trying to get rid of what ever survived from my attempt to eradicate them last year.

It's a purple and white spring.  And I am lovin' it.  (except for the violets)


  1. Beautiful flowers. The Lily of the Valley has such a wonderful smell. I love the purply groundcover but poor violets get no love...why is this?? Are they too nutty in spreading?

    1. They grow into other flowers and strangle the roots. You can't just pull them out. They would literally take over the flower beds if I let them. I'll grant that the flowers are nice, but after? No thanks. Took me years to get rid of strawberry plants that invaded and now I am back at it again.

  2. I like violets. Most of your plants I have never had, except for Lily-of-the-valleys. They are all beautiful!
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead.

  3. Send me some violets please, my pot one just died a sudden death and I need a new one. I love violets, I also like to crystallise them now and again. Love the pictures of all your flowers. I just have my geraniums to enjoy on my balcony.


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