Saturday, January 10, 2015

And About Those Fireworks...

By now ya all know how I feel about fireworks.  The day after Christmas some bozo in my area decided to set some off.  And don't even mention New Year's Eve to me.  If I could, I would leave the state this year during the entire month of July.

But now comes this bit of news:  a pile up yesterday morning on I-94 in west Michigan involving 193  cars and semis.  The was one dead and many injured.  I can't imagine what the total dollar cost will be.  The road was supposed to be reopened around five this evening.

What really caught my eye and makes my blood boil is the fact that a semi carrying 'explosive devices', AKA fireworks, was part of the crash.  Check out the video and photos at the link above.

Who thinks it is a good idea to have trucks filled with fireworks travelling the freeways and right into our neighborhoods?  Yeah, I know, we have tankers on the road, but I think those trucks are probably better prepared for emergencies.

With sub-zero wind chills I have a good idea of what stranded motorists were going through.  I know because I was once stranded on I-94 on a trip home from Lansing.  I was just a half-mile behind the accident and had no way to get off.  It was winter.  It was cold.  And my usual one hour drive home turned into four.

It seems that I am the only one thinking that this truck only made matters much worse.  Maybe I am just an old fuddy-duddy.  But we sure don't need any more accidents involving injury and loss of life with fireworks involved.


  1. I am one who enjoys professional fireworks that one can see over the water. What I think should be banned are those insipid fireworks sold at corner stores and such. First, it scares my dog to death and he is already traumatized as he is a rescue. 2nd-some kids think it is fun to place the fireworks in frogs etc... and that is sooooo wrong. These same fireworks don't do much except give a pop-they are useless and what if one lands on my roof and catches fire? I am with you

    1. I too enjoy PROFESSIONAL displays. Nothing professional about the noise around here.

  2. I agree with both of you. We have a park outside our windows which is frequently used for idiots letting off fireworks. Grrrr.


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