Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Eve Thoughts

I have a ton of stuff to accomplish today, but since I won't be posting tomorrow, I wanted to take this chance to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, even those of you who do not live in America.  I am sure you all have much to be thankful for on tomorrow and every day of the year.  Here in the U S of A, we like to eat and take time off of work when we give thanks.  LOL.

Oh, and apparently, we love to shop.  ON the Holiday!!!  Yikes.

I have never gone shopping on the day after Thanksgiving.  EVER.  Needless to say, there is no way I will be jumping up at four tomorrow afternoon so that I can head to the mall.  UGH!

I fondly remember holiday dinners at my grandparent's home.  My Aunt Lillian, who was also my cousin (she and my mother married brothers), was known for taking a long nap after dinner.  No way was she ever going to shop or do much else after eating.  She was very outspoken and I can just imagine her comments about the state of our holiday now.  As the hostess for dinner, I would be very offended if folks showed up to eat and then ran off to shop. Better they should just go to McDonald's for dinner.

I have much to be grateful for including the fact that this is not my fence:

We had a huge windstorm on Monday.  I walked into my kitchen around four in the afternoon and did a double take.  The neighbor's fence just blew over in the wind.  One of the reason I have a shadow box fence instead of a solid one is that mine allows passage of the wind.  I sure hope this gets fixed before the deer see my open yard as a buffet table.

So, I am off to the store for a quick errand and then I will come home and make my pumpkin pie.  The turkey is brining and the salmon is pickling and all is in readiness for our feast.  My mouth is watering already.  Have a very happy day with family and friends if you are celebrating.

 Happy Thanksgiving


  1. A very happy Thanksgiving too you too Denise, I do hope you enjoy your day and I am sorry I can't come and help you eat all that lovely food.

  2. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and glad to know you and others will not be part of that throng of shoppers. Enjoy all the food you will make and hopefully the fence will be fixed soon. We also had quiet the wind the other day too

  3. I am so not a fan of breaking down the doors of stores on Friday or Thanksgiving night. I may stop by the hardware store in my neighborhood for light bulbs for my bathroom and maybe a few quick groceries at the fruit market on the next block, but I won't be in line at 6:00 am anywhere. Wishes for a very happy Thanksgiving!

    1. 6:00 a.m.? They just interviewed a woman on the radio who has been camped out at a Best-Buy since Sunday. IN a big blue box with her husband. Says it is her family 'tradition'. I cannot believe that community does not have vagrancy laws to enforce.


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