Tuesday, April 15, 2014

M - Montreaux, Switzerland

Before going to Switzerland the only thing I knew about Montreaux was that they had a jazz festival there.  It is situated on Lake Geneva at the foot of the Alps.

I had never heard of Freddie Mercury.  I know. You wonder what rock I was living under.  He is worshiped here as the flowers at this life-sized statue attest.

I have to say that once I got home I saw two documentaries on Freddie and Queen.  The musical "We will Rock You" just finished playing at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit.  I now own a CD of his titled 'Barcelona' that also features opera singer Montserrat Caballe.  Here is a video of him and Montserrat performing together:

The promenade along the Lake is filled with wonderful little eateries and art work.  Enjoy the views.

This was day two.

On my Bucket List:  Morocco


  1. All of our kids are SOLID Queen fans. You should see my 7 year old rockin' out to them. It's epic.

    True Heroes A to Z

  2. That's funny that you never heard of Queen or Freddie Mercury:) I am surprized he is so revered there. You take great pictures. The building with the yellow canopies is excellent as well as the flowers by the lake. Love the art pieces-wonderful

  3. I still have never heard of either except here of course. Love the pictures and the artwork.

  4. Hahaha, what attitude that first statue has going on!

  5. Wow! Just added Montreaux to my bucket list. It looks fantastic....and Freddie is there too!


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