Friday, March 21, 2014

The A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

A to Challenge Theme reveal blogfest

When I returned from Europe last fall, I said that my A to Z posts would be about my trip.  Little by little I have been trying to write them in advance.

Last year I also did a travel theme.  I originally thought I would write about food, but finding interesting places to write about with all the letters of the alphabet turned out to be much easier.

Most, if not all (technically), of my posts will be either in Switzerland or Germany.  To get to some of those places I also traveled through France, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein (which is technically Switzerland). You get the drift.  And you can't go to Germany without mentioning the two wars fought in the 20th century.  So they will be mentioned.

I am still stumped as to how I will handle a couple of the letters.  I think I will have to be a little creative and perhaps 'cheat'?  Actually, I've decided to call it 'creative spelling'.

Well, the idea is to blog every day, not impress anyone with how creative a writer I am or what great photos I take with my camera.  I hope to be mildly entertaining and not boring.

I have often decided to travel someplace after seeing a photo.  Years ago I bought a picture of Bryce Canyon to hang in my foyer and knew that I just had to get there one day.  I finally made it in 2009.  Perhaps a photo in this challenge will inspire you to travel.  Or just enjoy the views.

Follow along at A to Z or see the blog hop starting on the 1st of April.  A is for ....???


  1. Just call me #303. I've been thinking about this all year and collecting ideas for my posts. I'll be staying in New York City and mostly Manhattan.

  2. You must have signed up just after I searched for your blog. Look forward to reading your posts for A to Z.

  3. A is for Albatross.

    Look forward to reading your posts Denise.

  4. I'm looking forward to your Europe tour posts and pics. I've always wanted to see Europe. In fact, it's on my bucket list. Maybe your pics will encourage me to make the trip.

    By the way, Mark Twain once said that he had no respect for anyone who couldn't spell one word in two different ways. So your creative spelling will have his blessing.


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