Thursday, March 27, 2014

Monopoly Has Rules? Who Knew!

Admit it.  You have played Monopoly, but you have never read the rules.  Who even knows they exist?

I played Monopoly for years before ever reading the rules.  And guess what?  We were playing it wrong. Once my sister and I started playing by the rules, games ended much faster.  That extra cash for landing on Free Parking?  Gone.  No such thing as free parking or a free lunch.

Here is the Monopoly game dated 1957 that my sister and I used to play.

And the rules are still inside.  This game set is dated 1975 and it also has the rules inside.

I also have a Star Wars edition that has never been opened.

Now Hasbro, which owns Parker Brothers, has announced that it will incorporate 'house rules' and folks are invited to vote on Facebook.

Last year they announced they were getting rid of the iron as a game token.  Suits me as I wouldn't be caught dead with an iron unless absolutely necessary.  They replaced it with a cat.  Not exactly exciting for the 21st century IMHO.  Seems to me a drone would be more appropriate.  (I personally always picked the dog)

I'm thinking that maybe instead of watching television with the family on Easter Sunday, I should whip out one of these Monopoly games and have a go at it.  When was the last time you had a good old-fashioned game of Monopoly with 'house rules'?

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  1. Used to love Monopoly. I think I read the rules too, many, many, years ago. Problem is, I have the English version which has different street names. Gets confusing sometimes.


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