Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sometimes you Just have to Wait

Seems like everyone is more excited about my upcoming trip to Europe than I am.  That is not to say I am not anxious to go, but I am not the 'girly, get excited type'.

I am organized.  I am packed.  One carry-on bag and a shoulder bag.  I am not a 'fashionista' and do not require 21 outfits for a three-week trip.

I am looking forward to documenting the adventure.  I plan to do another travel blog for the A-Z 2014 Challenge.  I have all but three letters covered and hope to find something I can use once I am on the road.  Something with an X, Q, and Y.

That means I will be 'mum' about this trip until next year.  I will certainly have to restrain myself from talking about individual places, but I will still share any interesting stories about people I meet or experiences I have.

I cancelled my Weight Watchers membership for the month I am gone since I do not think I will be counting points.  I plan to eat lots of dark chocolate in Switzerland. 

I have been to Vienna, Austria twice and what I remember most are the many pastry shops.  On my last trip, my hotel was just around the corner from the Dommayer Cafe.  The apple strudel was delicious.  My hotel had a buffet breakfast with an entire table filled with various breads.  Definitely not for the carb conscious eater, but it suited me just fine.

The weather looks to be quite variable, from the 50's to the 70's.  Well, it will be just like home.  Today the heat is on, Thursday it will be back in the 80's.

I think I will miss my yoga classes the most.  And speaking of which, I plan to travel in my yoga pants on the plane.  A recent article says this is a no-no.

Well, I do not know what planet this woman is living on, but I and my classmates do not know of anyone wearing brightly colored yoga pants.  I think she has confused them with leggings. 

Yes, I recently blogged about them not being appropriate for the workplace.  I still believe that.  But mine do not fit like a second skin.  Actually, they fit looser than the woman I saw in a pant-suit yesterday.  She could have spray-painted her legs and gotten the same effect as the pants provided.

If I have to spend eight hours on a plane, I want to be comfortable.  Maybe I'll take a picture of me leaving home and post it for your opinion.


  1. I get excited the day of traveling, usually I am too busy doing other things.
    If you are comfortable in your Yoga pants then wear them, people travel in anything and everything so no one will even blink an eye. As long as you are comfortable and feel it is appropriate then you are good to go!!

  2. Most certainly travel in your yoga pants if you want. Who cares what's appropriate, what's comfortable is more important. It's not a fashion show it's a flight. Have fun.


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