Saturday, September 7, 2013

More Flowers

Seems like Mother Nature couldn't make up her mind today about the weather.  With a temperature drop into the 50's last night, it was quite cool this morning when I left my house, with my jacket on. 

Two hours later I came out of a restaurant, sans jacket, and wishing I had worn a short sleeve top.  The car temp read 78 degrees.

But by the time I got home, just 25 minutes later, the skies had clouded up and a gentle breeze was dropping the temperature.  It was so nice I sat on the patio and read my book, right up until it started to rain. 

Then it was cool.  Then it was hot.  Then it rained again.

Meanwhile, the garden is loving this.  This 'White-out' Knock-out rose is prettier now than it has ever been in the past:

It is blooming next to these garlic chives which I have never used for cooking.  I definitely have to cut these blooms before they go to seed. 

There are two more knock-out roses that don't quit. It has been constant color all summer.  Two other bushes are busy producing buds, so we should have roses for another several weeks.

And I couldn't resist cutting some flowers from the Limelight hydrangeas.  I never realized that they have a fragrance.  I keep walking into the room where they are and wondering what the wonderful smell is.  This grouping shows their original lime color, then the pure white, and finally the touch of pink.

We are supposed to have another lovely day tomorrow.  Enjoy your week-end.


  1. We've still got summer here. I thought I could skip the air conditioning tonight, but alas, no. The days are getting shorter and I know sweater weather is just around the corner. Thanks for the tip about hand sanitizer.

  2. I hope your weekend was nice. Your flowers are lovely. It has been a rainy monsoon season in Sedona and the foliage is loving it but today, Thursday, the 12th, it seems to have cleared out, it is cool and crisp blue skies, just gorgeous and all the greenery is beautiful along with the red rocks.


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