Saturday, August 3, 2013

Blogging Blues

I have no good excuse.  I just didn't feel like sitting here at the computer.  Simple as that.

It is not that I didn't have ideas for a post.  I have TONS of ideas.  I do my best thinking while driving, mowing the lawn, or taking a shower.  If I was hooked to a computer and could dictate my posts, I would be very prolific.  But sitting here typing?  Sometimes it takes more effort than I am willing to make.

Since my last post I can say that the cool weather has not improved much.  I wore a jacket to my yoga class yesterday.  In August for goodness sake! 

My week has not been uneventful.  I went to my regular yoga classes, but I also found time for a massage.  It was so nice to have one without having any muscle or joint issues.  Very relaxing!

I managed to discipline myself and not indulge in any cheesecake on Tuesday, which was National Cheesecake Day.  I did browse through a lot of recipes, but since I had no cream cheese or ricotta in the fridge, the decision not to make a cheesecake was pretty easy.

On Wednesday I went to a reception for students from Awaji City, Japan.  Awaji City is the location of our Sister Library.  None of the students spoke English so we had a local resident who acted as an interpreter.  There was a very nice showing by the local Japanese community for the event.  Since I don't speak Japanese, I spent the evening talking to a couple of residents I had not seen since my retirement.

Last night I gave a couple of friends a tour of the gardens.  They are re-doing their landscaping and wanted to see what plants and shrubs I have growing.  Of course, they would say 'what's that one called?' and I would be rummaging through my brain trying to remember.  Really, 'houttuynia' is not an everyday word you remember.

I also got my blood work results back for my annual physical.  My lipid levels are still high and I am tired of trying to control them.  Rather than that approach, I think my doctor needs to figure out why they are that way in the absence of any known issues, or just forget about it.  I have a couple of friends who have decided that they are not taking any more statins until someone figures out what is going on.

This whole cholesterol issue always reminds me of my former life as a medical technologist.  One of the chemical tests I performed in the lab at Detroit Receiving Hospital was 'Zak's' cholesterol.  The director of my lab was Dr. Bennie Zak (this article written at the time of his death in 2005 is a good portrait).  I also worked with him in establishing normal levels for triglycerides.  We found that usually, if a patient had an Eastern European last name, the levels were outside the ranges of anyone else and were thus eliminated in setting normal levels.  I am sure that has a lot to do with my high levels with two grandparents from that area.

And I am not so sure that being on Weight Watchers has not made the levels of lipids higher.  I am eating more fruit, which has more sugars than the 'healthy' almonds I used to snack on.  But fruit has no points and an ounce of almonds have four.  I am also eating more protein which usually has more cholesterol.  I am thinking this is a game that cannot be won.  I'll see what my doctor says.

Anyway, I am off to breakfast with friends.  Enjoy your weekend.


  1. I read an article not long ago which implied that worrying about cholesterol levels was really not necessary and cholesterol doesn't play a big part in heart issues at all. I hope its true because I have trouble with all cholesterol meds, not just statins. They cause me to have violent cramps, particularly in my stomach, so then I have to take other pills to control the cramp - can't win.

  2. Back when I was measuring cholesterol, the normal levels were 160-260. I think they keep lowering the normals to sell more medication.

  3. I have those Blogging Blue days too, plenty to write just not in the mood to write it. I wish you luck with your health levels, I don't know anything and wouldn't hazard a guess. It is a shame your Doctor doesn't offer a nutritionist since he wants you to control it with your diet, I mean that does seem like a lot of guessing on your part. Good Luck.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  4. I suspect there's a lot of genetics in cholesterol levels. I happen to have a highish total cholesterol simply because my HDL (good) is quite high and my LDL (bad) isn't. Luckily my doctor agrees with me that medicines should be prescribed only when necessary, so aside from insulin and blood pressure meds, I've so far escaped statins even though they're recommended for diabetics.


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