Sunday, July 28, 2013

What is Wrong with this Picture?

I am sitting here in front of my computer on July 28.  I am wearing my winter bathrobe and my comfy slippers.  I am still cold.  It is 66 degrees in here.  Do I really want to turn on the heat in July? 

I struggled through the chill yesterday after cleaning up the flower beds in the morning.  They predicted rain and they were right.  Again.  

I have yet to eat outside this summer.  First it was the g-d cottonwood seeds floating through the air.  Then there was the attack of the no-see-um bugs.  Then mosquitoes.  When there was a nice breeze to send the skeeters away, it was too cool.  We had one week of high temps, but the humidity made it suffocating. 

And when you are working in the garden, it seems you can't avoid the ants.  I walk around constantly spreading ant killer on huge mounds of them, whether in the lawn or in the flowers.  They have pretty much destroyed the black-eyed Susans, not that I wanted so many of them anyway, but really...

Fortunately, I have lots of windows in my home and can see much of the garden by just looking out.  I am sure that is what I will be doing today.  The high is predicted to be 67 this afternoon.  With rain.  Again.

I have not even turned on the faucets in the back of the house and have yet to water the lawn this year.  Mostly I rinse out the birdbaths and refill them, or water the few plants in pots.  I have seen many more blue jays this year and they seem to enjoy themselves in the baths. 

We also seem to have an increase in hawks, as I hear them constantly overhead.  I saw a dead mouse in a flower bed (probably left by the neighbor's cat which roams around here).  Later in the day, when I went back to get it and throw it in the trash, it was gone.  I am guessing that it was a snack for the hawk.  As I sit here, I can here the hawks screeching.

Here is a photo of two hawks in the backyard:


  1. Sorry about the bad weather, but I would love to have hawks in my backyard.

    Weather has been pretty chilly here lately too although as you said, here too it was hot but excessively humid so almost unbearable.

  2. It has been a strange summer. Quite rainy, humid and hot and now we are quite chilly too. I haven't spent much time in my Gazebo.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality


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