Saturday, June 8, 2013

When gas was just a pittance to pay...

I bought my first car in 1969.  I purchased a Dodge Charger.  I remember that gas was somewhere in the neighborhood of 19.9 cents a gallon. 

Things would change dramatically in 1973 with the OPEC oil embargo.  Because of the gas shortage, my husband and I car-pooled to work, with me dropping him off at Ford Motor and then heading to my job at the hospital.

I don't remember what gas cost at the time, but I am pretty sure it was not 19.9 cents.  Today I filled up the tank for $4.16 a gallon.  Those of us in the Midwest are paying higher prices due to refinery problems.  As a matter of fact, gas was even higher in Chicago last month when I was there; $4.25 a gallon at the station near the hotel.

I heard a woman on the radio this week saying she was going to organize her friends and picket the stations.  Folks were yelling that they were being gouged.  But it seems to me from my travels in Europe, that gas has been much higher there for a very long time.

Anyway, this is all just a lead in to my last few photos of my Route 66 trip.  Pictures of gas stations.  Really.  No supercenters here.  Just gas.

First, the Standard Oil Station in Odell, Illinois.


And then further down the road in Dwight, a Texaco station.

 Ah, the good old days....


  1. I guess I had my first car around 55/56 but cannot remember how much gas (petrol to me at the time) cost. Gas costs more in Canada than it does in the States.


  2. Your signs are great. I'd like to do a trip on Route 66.


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