Monday, June 10, 2013

A Spring Like no Other?

I cannot remember a Spring like this one in recent years.  I actually had to turn my heat on Friday morning.  It's June for goodness sake!

Last year many of my plants 'fried' in the Spring heat.  This year the cool temps and clouds are something the many hostas are enjoying, but I am not seeing any budding on the daylilies.  I must say that everything is very green.

I have been taking daily pictures of my oldest peony plant.  I looked back at pictures from 2010 and saw that it was blooming on May 17.  Last year they withered in the heat, too.  This year it just started to open on June 3.  Here is one bloom from start to finish - the torrential rains last night took care of what was left.


This peony in my front yard is just starting to open and two others are still waiting for warm weather, I guess.

It should be an interesting year for the garden.


  1. Oh, is it spring? I hadn't realised LOL. Friend complained she had to wear a parka at a dog show the other day.


  2. We got dumped on in Ohio today and Friday was cold too. I so wish I had stayed in Arizona a tad longer :)
    But, you are right it is green, that is something I absolutely love about the Midwest and unfortunately it takes quite a bit of rain to get that luscious green. (Wish it only rained at night, while we were sleeping)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  3. Lovely photos.

    Think of us in Australia. Where I live, we have been having negative temperatures over night!


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