Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sepia Saturdays

One of the bloggers I follow, Sharon at Strong Foundations, is participating in the Sepia Saturday Challenge.  I love old black and white and sepia photos and have enjoyed looking at what she has posted thus far.

My sons moan and groan over anything in black and white on television.  On Easter Sunday the family members of the 'older' generation were reminiscing about the good old TV shows, mostly westerns, in B/W.  My youngest son was talking about how his father-in-law watches the TV Land channel with B/W cowboys, which is what got us started.  He just doesn't get blank and white television, but, hey, it was all we had in the early 50's.

A few weeks ago, I went through my slides from 1969 - 1986.  There were over 1,600 of them.  I whittled them down to 600.  Then I pulled out 148 that had people or great views and sent them off to be copied.

I got them back and am glad I only sent 148.  The great majority had very little color left in them.  And they are a little blurry.  I won't be entertaining too many friends with the faded image. 

So, thanks to Photoshop, or whatever it is I have on this computer (I actually have three different programs and they are all Greek to me), I set about to make them viewable.

The ultimate answer?  Black and White or Sepia.

For many of the scenes, the only colors left in the photo were black and weird blues.  Now, it is black and white. Or sepia.

I've already posted about Dubrovnik, but here is a photo of the beach in B/W taken in June, 1969.

Sure it would probably be prettier in color, but in my photo it is pretty much a washed out pinky-blue.  This looks so much better.

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  1. I really like sepia and black and white photos. The Dubrovnik picture is great. It's high on my list for a visit.


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