Friday, April 19, 2013

Q is for Quebec City

I have not spent a lot of time in Quebec City.  Two days to be exact.  Both times I was passing through on my way to somewhere else.  But, I have never been any other place beginning with 'Q', so here it is.

Quebec City was founded in 1608, making it one of the oldest cities in North America.  It is situated on the St. Lawrence River.  The historic district is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Nearly 95% of the residents speak French and it is the predominant language here, but about 1/3 have English as a second language and I encountered no issues with shopping and getting around.  Unfortunately, my high school French has gone the way of my old 78 rpm records.

The most iconic image of the city is Chateau Frontenac, perched on top of Cap-Diamant.  It looks like someone picked up a chateau in Loire Valley of France and sat it down in Quebec.

File:Château Frontenac01.jpg

My favorite area is Vieux-Quebec, the Old Quebec.  You walk around and feel as if you are in Europe what with its stone buildings and winding streets lined with shops and restaurants.  I wandered around here all afternoon on my last visit.   It has the feel of an old European city which is probably why I love it. The architecture and shops are a delight.

Vieux-Quebec is comprised of Basse-Ville, located at the foot of Cap Diamant, and Haute-Ville, reached by the funicular.  Haute-Ville is the more European area with cobbled streets and horse-drawn carriages.

And there are these amazing frescoes on the buildings.  This one is La Fresque des Québécois:

Quebec is a wonderful city to visit for a day, or longer.  I would like to go back soon and spend more time there.


  1. Quebec is a beautiful city. The more beautiful to us because it is the home of friends we met in Beijing where we met this most charming Quebec family, the mother a francophone, the father an anglophone and the children - all- phone. We have visited there, and we got to tour the sights in old and new Quebecs - including the art galleries. Wonderful!

  2. now this is some place i have always thought about going--just lovely--great pics!

  3. Beautiful city - I would love to go! I've only been to Montreal and Toronto.
    A month of Blog...

  4. Love your header! sure is life after retirement - going on to 5 years and am too busy!
    I live in Ontario and haven't been to Quebec city in decades but your photos inspire me to return
    Do you speak French or have they become more leinent re: language?

    1. My French is useless unless I am doing a crossword puzzle. I really had no problems.

  5. Such beautiful photographs! I've always wanted to visit Quebec City. Thus far, my only trips to Canada have included Vancouver and Victoria.

    VR Barkowski

  6. What a lovely city, full of history. As a Coloradoan, I enjoyed your Pike's Peak post, too. Have fun with A to Z!

    Jenny at Choice City Native

  7. Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. I haven't seen too much of Quebec either, just in passing through. But I've heard such wonderful things about the old part of it and how it looks so European, it makes me want to visit.

    Have fun with a-z. :\0

  9. Es hermosa la ciudad, muy hermosa. Engrandece mi sueño de visitarla, ¿podría tener más detalles? Estoy escribiendo un libro y la historia se desarrolla en Québec.


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