Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for Oak Park, Illinois

Oak Park, Illinois is one of my favorite places to visit.  I actually think I have visited there more than any other place on earth.  That is because it is the home of Frank Lloyd Wright's Home and Studio (below) and where many of his designs were built. 

For starters, it is close to Chicago.  If you are staying in the Windy City (which originally referred to their politicians, lol), you can easily take the Green Line Train right into the center of town.   Walk a block up to the Visitors Center on Lake Street to get a map and get acquainted with what awaits.

Of course, for me, that is the walking tour of homes in the area.  You can go at a leisurely pace and find out about these beautiful places designed by Wright and others.  If I had to pick a favorite Wright home in this city, I think it would be the Thomas House, which I have had the pleasure of touring.

File:Unity Temple Interior.jpg

Every May, the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust sponsors a home tour of select homes.  This year it is May 18 and tickets are still available.  Maybe I will see you there.

Oak Park is also the home of Unity Temple, where Mr. Wright was a member.  This picture of the interior (from Wikipedia, thank you very much) gives you an idea of its grandeur.


There is another wonderful old home called The Pleasant Home that is open for tours and the Ernest Hemingway Birthplace and Museum below.

Of course, one can shop in Oak Park, if that is your thing.  Just walk up and down Lake Street.  They even have a Penzeys Spice Co there.
One can also eat.  There is a wonderful place that I enjoy called Marion Street Cheese Market.

The Brookfield Zoo is nearby for animal lovers and the Garfield Park Conservatory for plant lovers.
If you are a fan of architecture at all, this is a must see area.  (But if you are a fan, then you probably already know that.)  I have a Pinterest Board filled with Frank Lloyd Wright homes, as do many other pinners.  I'll be taking lots of pictures on my next trip and you can read about the trip right here next month.

O is also for Ontario, Orlando, Oregon, Oklahoma


  1. What a beautiful stately place! I have never been to Chicago and I don't know if I ever will. Thankfully, your blog will enable me to travel and enjoy it vicariously.

  2. I have never traveled to India. I still remember my father's photos of the Taj Mahal and have always wanted to travel there. One of my sons travels to Mumbai often for business.

  3. Is that Hemingway's birthplace in the final picture? It looks amazing, especially that round room/tower at the front.

    1. Yes, that is Hemingway's birthplace. All the homes here are fabulous.

  4. I love the Ernest Hemingway house! Sounds like such an interesting area to visit. Another addition to my list!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Someday I hope I get to visit Oak Park!
    A to Z-ing to the end
    Peanut Butter and Whine


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