Friday, February 8, 2013

The Wonders of Flour

I've decided that if I had to pick one food item I would not want to live without, it would have to be 'flour'.  I love bread, pasta, pizza, cookies, just about anything requiring flour.

In my pantry and freezer I have all-purpose flour, bread flour, cake flour, pastry flour, self-rising flour, almond flour, whole wheat flour, and semolina flour.  I am prepared for any flour emergency.

Think about pasta: take some flour and mix with eggs.  What could be simpler?

Or bread:  just flour, salt, water and yeast.  There are even recipes that require no kneading.

And it all tastes so good.

The other day I posted a picture of buttermilk pancakes.  After yoga class, I decided to come home and make them myself.  I keep pancake mix in the house, but I have never found one I really liked.  So, I decided to make the recipe I posted from Cook's Illustrated.  They were so good, I made another batch this morning.  I figure I will need the energy when I finally go out to clean the driveway.

Tomorrow is Pizza Pie Day.  I was thinking of ordering one, but then decided I could just make my own.  The dough is easy enough, I have plenty of cheese, and I can make a garlic white sauce.  With some fresh spinach, it should satisfy my craving. 

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