Friday, February 8, 2013

Crossword Cleverness

I keep a stack of articles and notes next to my computer that I think might make interesting blog posts.  Most of them never see the light of day as other ideas come up, and let's face it, even though I am retired, I do have other 'stuff' to do.

Today I pulled out a newspaper that was lying here and saw the New York Times crossword puzzle from December 29.  I have to mention it. 

The puzzle was composed by Joe Krozel and I loved the answers.  You have to give credit to anyone who can use 'Ptolemaic system' and 'Liechtensteiner' in a puzzle, let alone in the same one.

I especially loved the answers 'elected official' and 'horse manure' for 'Governor' and 'balderdash'.  I got a real chuckle out of that.

I have a friend, Tom Pepper, who has had two crosswords published in the NYT.  I doubt that I could ever put one together, though I think I could come up with some mysterious cluing. 

Here is Joe's completed puzzle as it appears on Rex Parker's blog:

Nice job, Joe!

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