Friday, February 22, 2013

Dreaming of Spring

It snowed.  Again.  Not a lot, but just enough.  I am sitting in the house with the blinds closed because there is just enough brightness off the snow to give me a headache.  I am fine if I just stay in the dark.

So, I am dreaming of Spring.

I have been digitizing many of my old photos.  Not all, just those I want to keep on the computer.  I have an album full of photos of my yard as the landscape has changed over the years.  I came across this photo from May 6, 1993 of my front yard and a beautiful Yoshino cherry tree in bloom.

This tree was absolutely gorgeous when it bloomed.  And then provided nice shade during the summer.
A few years after this photo was taken, it succumbed to a serious ice storm that we had.  It literally was split in two.  And at the time, I felt the same way.  I was heart-broken over a tree. 
It had been in the yard for 20 years and now it was gone.  I never found another Yoshino cherry to replace it.  Even though it is a relatively short-lived tree, I would rather it had died of old, or not so old-age, than be cut down my Mother Nature.  One of my neighbors came over and helped me cut it to the ground and I used the wood in my fireplace the following winter.
Now I am waiting for the first signs of Spring, which seem a long way off today.  Last year we had an early Spring and this Snowdrift crabapple bloomed in mid-April.  I'm looking forward to seeing it bloom again.  It was planted as not much more than a twig 40 years ago, and I know its days are numbered, but I intend to sit on the deck and enjoy these blooms for a long time.

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  1. I'd be able to relax so easily inside of an orchard filled with those... It would be paradise!

    -Asheville Tree Service


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