Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pizza, Pizza Day, Week, Month

I just received an email from Driscoll's berries informing me that January 28 is National Blueberry Pancake Day.  Now, I like pancakes, but I prefer berries other than blueberry.  So I decide to google National Strawberry Pancake Day, but only found National Strawberry Day, February 27.

OTOH, National Buttermilk Pancake Day is coming up on February 5.

This 'food for a day' got me wondering 'When is National Pizza Day?'  Pizza is my favorite food.  I discovered several days to celebrate pizza. 

Seems that I just missed National Pizza Week, January 9-16.  But on February 9 we can celebrate National Pizza Pie Day.  September 5 is National Cheese Pizza Day and November 12 is National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day. The entire month of October is National Pizza Month. I have lots of days to eat pizza.

Without question, pizza is my favorite food. I try to limit my intake to only a few times a year. I even order salads at California Pizza Kitchen.  This is not calorie-conscious food.

I grew up with an Italian mother who made her own pizza.  Before Little Caesar's arrived in our neighborhood in the 1960's, we got great pizza at the local bowling alley on Seven Mile or the Italian bakery on Eight Mile Road near our home.  I still remember going with my Dad to pick it up and taking in that wonderful aroma on the way home.

I've made my own pizza from scratch a few times.  I took a cooking class with Michelle Bommarito who taught us to make a wonderful barbecue sauce for barbecue chicken pizza.  (Her family makes THE BEST cannolis I have ever had.  No wonder she is such a great baker.) 

My youngest son worked for Hungry Howie's while he was in college.  I have three pizza places less than a mile from home and several more within a less than five minute drive.  It is like living in pizza heaven.  And I have exercised the greatest restraint in not picking one up each time I go past. 

I have posted pizza recipes on my Pinterest account, even a recipe for pizza dough.  But in a pinch, just order take-out.  It's pizza.  The only bad pizza I ever had was in Italy.  Seems like all the guys who really know how to make the good stuff are in this country.  And they have it perfected.

Chicken and Herb White Pizza Recipe

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  1. I could happily eat pizza every day, but also happily the pizza place a block away closed and the closest one is three blocks in either direction.


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