Friday, January 18, 2013

My Life in Heels

When I worked in the hospital laboratory, I wore what we referred to as 'granny shoes'.  They were lace-up white shoes with low heels.  You would only wear them to work.  You would certainly not wear them for anything else.

They were worn daily with support hose.  No woman on her feet all day in a lab would think of wearing anything else.

I took ten years off of work to raise my family.  During that time I chose comfortable footwear.  I spent a lot of time around the house in my bare feet.  I only wore heels when I went to church. 

When I went back to work at Town hall, I wore suits and high heels everyday.
After I broke my leg in 2007, I got rid of all of my high heels.  Frankly, I did not feel comfortable or steady wearing them.  And now I have really gotten used to wearing very low-heeled shoes when I go out and spend my time at home in slippers or bare-feet, again.

This morning I received an email from DSW.  I could not believe the shoes.   Where do you wear these?  How do you walk?  It is like a disaster waiting to happen.  I guess you need the really high heel to accommodate the really high platform.

I know that I did not do my body any favors when I was wearing high heels, though they do make your legs look good.  I can just imagine the issues that today's women will have as they age if they wear these shoes for any length of time. 

Just how high can we go?

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  1. After my surgery this summer I've just about given up shoes for sneakers and orthotics. I do wear flats in the office, but I think that's about it. I look at pretty shoes, but they're history for me. My look isn't so attractive, but my feet are always comfortable.


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