Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Let me begin by saying that Twelve Days of Christmas is not my favorite Christmas song.  That will be revealed on December 15, which is the 'Capturing December' day for one's favorite holiday song.  But this song has always been a great challenge to those who are trying to remember what items go with what day.

When I was working at the City hospital in the 70's, several of us in the laboratory got to talking about the song and we couldn't agree on the lyrics.  Back in those old days you could call the Detroit Public Library 'hotline' and ask a question.  So, we called and asked if they knew the lyrics (a good example of how we got by before the Internet).  Sure enough, the answer was given. 

I have a particular fondness for 'the partridge in the pear tree'.  I have a lovely pillow with the image on it.  I have various holiday ornaments depicting it.  And last year, Hallmark started a collection of ornaments celebrating the song, so I have purchased those too. 

But, the reason for this post is that in my latest Costco Connection magazine, there is a new list of gifts.  Authored by Linda Melone, these are items for good health and a lot less expensive than the gifts in the song.  They are as follows:
1 molasses cookie - A study at the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior found lower body weight and reduced body fat in mice fed molasses extract for 12 weeks.  Woo hoo.  Let me go whip out that recipe for my ginger molasses cookies and start baking.  OTOH, I have not had the occasion to see many overweight mice, so am not sure this is really important evidence for indulging in cookies.  But I'll give it a go.
2 ounces of almonds - Well, I usually eat about one ounce or less a day, so I'll have to up my intake.
3 ounces of salmon - has anti-inflammatory agents; no recommendation on how often this should be eaten, but it is my favorite fish
4 ounces of red wine - great anti-oxidant, but I like to stay awake and wine puts me to sleep
5 yoga poses - Certainly no problem here.  I have poses for whatever ails me
6 ounces of Greek yogurt - good source of protein, again not a problem
7 servings of veggies - veggies make you happy?  Who knew?  But that's a lot of food
8 hours of sleep - this is my kind of list
9 minutes of meditation - 'Serenity now'; no indication if falling asleep while meditating is good or bad, see above item
10 minutes of activity - certainly we can all find ten minutes a day to be active?  maybe three times a day?
11 minutes of sunlight -  Hah!  I live in Michigan.  I haven't seen the sun since sometime last week.  (see yesterday's post)
12 weeks of resistance training - this is supposed to reduce high blood pressure, not a problem I have
So, there you have it.  Now, I need to go start on Day one.

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