Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Floor Model Toaster

When a box this big arrives in your living room, what else can it be but a floor model toaster?

Unless of course, it is an HDTV? 

I guess my sons got tired of waiting for me to replace my flat-screen Sony, which works just fine and will likely never die.  So they got together and bought me this new one.

I don't think they were this excited about Christmas when they were little boys.  They spent the afternoon setting it up.  I have since ordered a new stand and a new sound bar.  My old Bose sound system does not have an HDMI cable hook-up, so it is being replaced.

On the upside, the electrical cost for running the new TV is only $12 per year.  I hate to think what that old electric hog cost, but I am sure it was way more than $12.

Now, when I am snowed in this winter, I can enjoy streaming movies on my big screen.  And my sons can enjoy TV more when they come for dinner.  Whose gift was this exactly???  LOL

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