Sunday, December 16, 2012

No Lights, but I got Paper

I have no pictures of Christmas lights.  I do have lights on my street.  Hanukkah lights across the street in flashing blue and next door to them are Christmas lights.  But the pictures at night just do not look that great.  I do enjoy looking at decorated homes, and I used to decorate mine, but it is difficult to drive around AND take the pictures.   So, since I missed the day when we were celebrating wrapping paper, I took a picture of that instead. 

I used to love wrapping gifts with shiny paper and big silk bows.  I even would cover my pictures on the walls in paper, which might not be such a bad idea for this year.

Then I switched to bags.  Now that I give gift certificates and gift cards, and the kids are grown, wrapping is not such a big deal.

But since I had so much paper, I went downstairs and found boxes for everything (why was I saving all those draperies in that DELL box???) and started getting myself together.  Since the gifts are not wrapped, here at least is the paper.

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