Sunday, October 28, 2012

Foodie Stuff

When I wrote my last blog post,  I went to site for The Lark and read their latest newsletter.  The last time I ate there was last year on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Yes, all those leftovers at home and my son made reservations for The Lark.  It was wonderful.

They are having a special autumn dinner on Monday and Tuesday this week.  I looked at the menu and saw this choice for an entree: Paleron of Boeuf with CafĂ© de Paris Sauce.  (Paleron is the French term for the upper shoulder blade steak)

I had not made this in quite a long time.  I went to look at my recipe files for the recipe and saw that in the class I had with Marcus Haight he served it with a New York strip steak that had marinated for two days.  I read the recipe with the thought that I might make some butter, as it freezes quite well.

How easily we forget.  There are 23 ingredients in the butter.  That probably explains why my notes show I made a little over a pound of it.  If I tried to cut this down to one stick of butter, those other 22 ingredients would be next to impossible to measure. What exactly is one-sixteenth of an ounce of chopped anchovy?  I'd have to make at least one-half pound.

It does freeze well.  And it was delicious on many vegetables.  I am not much of a beef eater, except for the occasional hamburger.  But I think I will check-out the ingredient list and maybe try to make a batch.  Maybe I will even indulge in a small steak.  As I recall, the meal we prepared in class was quite good.

I searched online and found this recipe which is different than what I have, but has a good story about the butter's origin.

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