Thursday, September 13, 2012

Useless Information

This post will provide you with absolutely NO useful information.  It may make you scratch your head and perhaps you can tell me what use I can make of the street signs I saw today.

I don't usually spend a lot of time in my car now that I am retired.  Today was an exception in that I drove over 75 miles making one huge circle in the suburban Detroit area.

While driving through a small community's downtown area, I saw a sign that said 'Drug Free School Zone'.  What does that mean exactly?  Does it mean that before I get to that zone that drugs are being used?  Or it's OK to use them before I enter the zone?  Or are all the other schools except the one in this area using drugs?   What???

Then on my way home this evening I saw an illuminated sign that I have seen variations of in the past.  The sign tells me that for traffic and construction information I can go to a certain website.  I am driving my car.  What the H--- am I going to do with a website address??? 

Who comes up with this stuff?  It's like a sign that tells me that there are 'Falling Rocks'.  Am I supposed to look at the mountainside instead of the road and prepare for one to fall on me?  Or do I worry that they are on the highway already and I will run over them?  Years ago I had a rock come through the front windshield of my car as I passed under a freeway overpass.  I hardly think a sign warning me that this could happen would be useful.

I have a sign in my sub that says 'Blind Person in Area'.  If someone is in the street, does it matter whether or not they are blind?  Shouldn't I be driving carefully enough to avoid hitting anyone

It's like those 'Baby on Board' window stickers folks used to have.  Am I going to suddenly become a more careful driver because you have a sign in your window?  If it works, I'm going to get one.  I could sure use it in the roundabouts.  Assuming those drivers can read.

I don't want to put sign makers out of business, but surely some of these make no sense at all.  And others?  Well, here are a few images I found online:


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