Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Detroit Institute of Arts

There are lots of races and decisions to be made on Tuesday. One of those decisions is a vote on a tax to support the Detroit Institute of Arts.

As a long time supporter of the DIA, the tax will cost me less than my annual contribution, which I will continue to make.

My only comment is that people who are so ignorant that they write letters to the newspapers saying how they never go to the art museum and do not care about cultural institutions and then actually sign their names should wonder why they are telling everyone what complete bozos they are.

And I am completely embarrassed when I hear a friend say that the DIA should just sell off its art and use up the endowment they have. And then I guess they can just shutter the doors and tear down the building.

Can you imagine anywhere else where folks would have this attitude?  The Met in New York?  The Louvre in Paris?  The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam?

I am voting Yes for the DIA.

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