Friday, July 27, 2012

An Olympic Moment

I have been watching the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.  And watching and watching.  It has been many years since I actually sat down and watched a Parade of Nations.  When I was younger, I would not have missed a moment.

I have never been to an Olympic event.  The closest I ever got to one was to be in Melbourne, Australia when the flag went by in 2000.

But I did get to put on an Olympic Gold medal and I must say it was thrilling.  I worked with someone who's sister was an Olympic athlete, Sheila Taormina.  We did a fundraiser for her prior to the 2000 Olympics.  She brought along her 1996 Gold Medal and had me put it on for our photo.

Sheila and I

I am also wearing one of the t-shirts that were sold to raise money for the 2000 Olympics.  Pack-rat that I am I still have the t-shirt and will wear it tomorrow when I do my Olympic sport - cutting the grass. 

So, my best wishes to all the athletes as they compete over the next two weeks.  Win or lose, it has to be an incredible experience.

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