Thursday, August 30, 2012

Speaking of Technology - A Netflix Problem

Maybe I should just shut down this computer for a month and see what happens. 

Well, I know there would be at least a thousand emails waiting if I did.  Most of them are daily emails from sites I frequent, so that would be a mess to clean up. 

Then, it is quite possible I would miss something important.  Or not.

But, I do need my computer for my Netflix account.  And speaking of technology and Netflix, I have another issue in my life.

When I tried to log into my account two days ago, I was unable to do so.  I kept getting a message telling me to enable 'cookies'.  But they were already enabled.  When I clicked on the button saying I had enabled them, I was told they could not process my request, the server was unavailable or some such nonsense.

Strangely enough, I had no trouble getting to my account when I used my Kindle Fire, so, I assumed the problem was fixed. 

Yesterday, when I tried to get to the account again, the same thing happened.  I called their toll-free number and while I was on hold I received a recorded message telling me that if I was having trouble logging in that I should go to  Well, that worked.

This morning, there is a message on the site telling me that they are working on the problem and to 'clear my cookies' in order to log on. 

And not to be outdone by Netflix or EA Arts (the Scrabble company), I cannot search for a book on our Library's system without getting a message about an error with a proxy server. 

Well, I think I will just shut this down, go eat a cookie out of frustration and head off to Home Depot to buy some cypress mulch for my garden to cover the chives I killed off.  Dig and conquer!

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  1. I'm glad you got your Netflix problem figured out for the time being! I got so sick of both the computer troubles, as well as their price fluctuations. I switched to Dish, and with Blockbuster @ Home I get over 100,000 movies, games and shows! I haven't had any trouble with streaming, by-mail or anything else, so I think I'm going to stay with Dish. Has Netflix added any more to their streaming library? That's what I hear most, that people are frustrated with a stagnant movie list. A Dish coworker got me interested in the Blockbuster package, and we love it!


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