Monday, August 27, 2012

Interesting Hostas

As you may recall, this was my year to figure out what I was growing in the way of Hostas.  I've had some success, but I think that some just came other plants and have no names.

I have three plants that have a nice vase-shape and a pretty flower.  I have no idea what they are.

Unknown hosta
Flower of above plant
Then there is the plant that looked sickly all summer with thin, almost see-through leaves.  Now it has the biggest, fragrant flower I have ever seen.  But it looks very little like Hosta plantaginea 'Fragrant', which grows in my yard.
Hosta plantaginea 'Fragrant' with thicker, darker leaf
Maybe it is just a different exposure.  I'll have to see what next year brings.
Of all the hostas on my original lists, I have yet to be sure I have Hosta 'Sum and Substance'.  I have a small plant that was moved last year and may just be that variety.  Since it takes a while for these plants to reach maturity, again I am in a holding pattern for another year. 
My thanks to Mark Zilis and his wonderful book 'The Hostapedia'.  This book was invaluable if also being rather heavy!  And great online sources for any hosta enthusiast are the hosta library and the hosta library.  This should keep me busy over the winter.  I may even recognize something!

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