Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Surviving Summer Heat and Deer

No need to tell anyone how hot it has been this year.  The record high for yesterday was set in 1988, which I well remember because I was campaigning in the heat for my first election.  As a matter of fact, there were ten record highs for July set in 1988.  Were we having global warming then?

A quick walk through my yard shows that some plants are not doing so well despite my watering efforts.  A burning bush next to the front door has started to drop its leaves.  This is a defense mechanism so that moisture does not evaporate out of the plant through the leaves.  I am sure it will survive, though it looks a little ragged.

Then I have the wild growing cotoneaster.  Six original plants have managed to cover most of the front areas.  Seems I am constantly trimming.  So, the fact that some branches are dying off does not bother me.  They will just be the ones I lop off.

Some of the hostas are also having some heat issues.  I've trimmed some back and it looks like I'll be doing more of that.  New leaves should appear once I do.

Then there is the deer issue.  A neighbor shooed the three fawns out of her yard yesterday.  They got in here last night.  My fault for forgetting to set the automatic hose to scare them away.  Not much for them to eat since everything is covered with deer netting, but they managed to get at whatever was poking through the net.

About a week ago I discovered a deer tick on my pants.  I keep hearing how Lyme disease is not a problem here, but that does not explain why I know of at least three cases in the County.  Something really needs to be done to remove these large rats on hooves.  I only wish we had listened to Ted Nugent in the early 90's when he asked the Township Board to allow hunting in the nature reserve to thin out this herd.  Just think - their numbers double every two years!  Their only predator here is the automobile.

On a bright note, a hydrangea that was struggling in one area of the yard seems to be enjoying its new location.  And we got some rain this morning.  That makes me smile.

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